Single Diamond Mango Tour Detail

Tour Name
Single Diamond Mango Tour
18 Nights/ 19 Days
Yangon/ Kyaik Hti Yo – Bago/ Bagan – Mt. Popa/ Mandalay – Amarapura – Mingun – Saggaing – Pyin Oo Lwin – Goke Hteik Bridge/ Heho – Kalaw – Inle Lake/ Ngapali Beach
Tamarind Code
Day 1: Arrive to Yangon
Arrival at Yangon International Airport where you will be welcomed by our Tamarind tour guide and transfer to hotel. Overnight in Yangon.
Day 2: Yangon
  • Walking tour in the heart of Yangon, where we will observe various architecture, and have opportunities to take photographs of Burma’s Capital.
Port Authority (built 1928)
Yangon Division Court (built in 1900)
You may like to drop in the classic Strand Hotel(built in 1901), enjoy a glass of fresh juice or observe the art & deco.The Strand Hotel - Front DeskYangon olden days photos decoratedAfternoon sightseeing includes:
  • Visit to Bogyoke Market where local merchants offer Myanmar traditional silks, cotton, paintings, tapestries, handicrafts, silverware, lacquerware, national dress & ethnic fashions, gems & jewelry.
For your information, Tamarind does not work shopping tour. Our itineraries include visiting to markets, workshops that intend to have an observation of local trading trends, the process of art & craft, the ways how locals survive for their family living. If our guests are not interested in visiting those spots, please kindly skip the venues.
  • Chauk Htut Gyi Reclining Buddha Image, Botautaung Pogada and Nanthida Jetty.

Evening tour to Shwedagon Pagoda, we will visit Shwedagon Pagoda, the world famous golden stupa that dominates the Yangon skyline.

Shwedagon pagoda
Overnight in Yangon.

Day 3: Morning ritual in Yangon, Yangon – Kyaik Hti Yo known as The Golden Rock

In the morning around 530AM, we will participate in early morning ritual called “Swam Laung” means offering steamed rice wrapped with banana leaves and jasmine flowers to the monks, holding the Alms, black lacquered bowls; they carry & walk in single file receiving their daily sustenance.

  • The religious house wives and girls are happy to wake up early around dawn and cook for this donation which is regular meritorious deeds.
Then, will go back to hotel, take breakfast and a few minutes leisure.
  • We will drive thru a delta area en route to the Sittaung River and Kyaik Hti Yo.
  • Mid morning, arrive at the base camp Kimpun. Transfer to the transit junction in a small cozy open truck followed by a thirty-minute scenic ride to your hotel.
  • After lunch, hike to the Golden Rock enjoying many vendors displaying traditional medicated roots, spices, and refreshments. Enjoy the sunset from this beautiful site with the breathtaking views and fresh mountain air.
Golden Rock

Overnight in Kyaik Hti Yo.

Day 4: Kyaik Hti Yo – Bago – Yangon

On the way back to Yangon, visit to Bago, an ancient capital of Mon Kings, where we will eat lunch.

  • After lunch visit the Shwetharlyaung Buddha Image, the oldest reclining Buddha in Myanmar. Visit the WWII Memorial en route to Yangon-the resting place for some veterans who gave their lives for their country.

Overnight in Yangon.

Day 5: Yangon/ Bagan by morning flight – visit Bagan

A 70 min early morning flight to Bagan; the first and most beautiful capital of Myanmar.

  • Upon arrival, visit to Nyaung Oo market.

Nyaung Oo Market 2Nyaung Oo Market 1Nyaung Oo Market

  • Spend the day seeing the ancient temples reknown: Shwezigon pagoda, Htilo Minlo temple,Wetgyi-In Gu Byauk Gyi.

Shwezigon PagodaPaillion Decorated wood carving at Shwezigon PagodaBrick work of 11th Century Bagan

  • After lunch we will proceed to the work place of handmade lacquerware, and observe the detailed process of the making of Myanmar lacquerware & its products. (If our clients do not enjoy in art and craft, please kindly skip this spot.)
  • Visit to Dhamayangyi temple, Anada temple, Thatbyinnyu temple. We will enjoy sunset at Shwesandaw Pagoda affording unequaled views of Bagan’s landscape.

Overnight in Bagan.

Day 6: Mt. Popa – Bagan

This morning, we have an opportunities to take a Hot Air Balloon ride at sunrise.

Flying Balloon Over Bagan

  • We will observe the agrarian lifestyle of this region farmers extracting palm juice from palm trees and making a local favorite candy with the same palm juice called jaggery.
  • Proceed to Mt. Popa (4981 feet), an extinct volcano, with temperate weather and lush green landscape.

Mt. Popa distance view

Mountain view from Popa Mountain Resort

Popa Mountain Resort dinning

Evening boat excursion along Ayarwaddy River at Sunset.

Enjoyable boat journey at Bagan sunset

Enjoyable boat journey at Bagan sunset 2

Boat journey at sunset in Bagan

Overnight in Bagan.

Day 7: Bagan/ Mandalay by morning flight

After arrival in Mandalay we will visit Amarapura, an 18th century capital of Myanmar.

  • Visit Maha Gandayon Monastery to observe the daily meal of over a thousand monks at the country’s largest Monastery.

Mahagandayon Monastery

Presentation begins

Don'ts for visitors

The monastery of the chief monk

Monastery for learning monks

Preparation to cook

soups cooked for thousand of monks

Monks with arm bowl

White robed acolyte with arm bowl

Swam offering

  • Silk weaving; the craft specialty of Amarapura. It is not unusual to find the silk woven in Amarapura donned during many of Myanmar’s special occasions, such as a wedding ceremony or graduation.

Silk weaving

Silk weaving2

Afternoon visit Mandalay:

  • Maha Muni Buddha Image; the most sacred Pagoda in Upper Myanmar, work palce of gold leaves making, tapestry workshop where the finest tapestries in Myanmar, we can see only in Mandalay.

gold leaf workplack only in mandalay

  • Shwenandaw Monastery, Kuthodaw Pagoda with its 729 stone slabs of Buddha’s scriptures (known as the world’s biggest book), Mandalay royal old palace.

Shwenandaw Monastery

Shwenadaw monastery corrider

Wood curving at Shwenandaw monastery

Royal Palace Mandalay

Royal Palace Mandalay 2


Royal Palace Mandalay 4

  • Mandalay Hill; enjoy the magnificent landscape over the city from this vantage point.

Mandalay Hill 1

Mandalay Hill - glass mosic decorated

Mandalay Hill - Noviation ceremony

Mandalay Hill - Overlook view1

Overnight in Mandalay.

Day 8: Mandalay – Mingun – Saggaing

Our guest might like to see Mandalay gem market as Myanmar’s jade is the world known famous.

Mandalay gem market view

Myanmar's jade

Myanmar's Jade2

Stone shaping

Transfer to the jetty for an hour boat excursion to Mingun village. Mingun stands on the bank of Ayarwaddy River and is 11 km away from Mandalay.

  • We will observe bamboo rafts, birds, farms, locals fishing on small boats, and see how the people earn a living to support their families, and how they also enjoy their lifestyle.

Mingun boat

Mngun - Boarding a boat

Mingun boat captain seat

Mingun - excursion

Mingun disembark

Ox cart in Mingun

  • Mya Thein Dan Zedi that was built by the King of Saggaing, as memorial for his beloved wife (and late queen) who passed away one week after giving birth to their son.

Mya Thein Tan pagoda - Mingun

  • Mingun Bell – this bell weighs 90 tons and is considered the world’s largest ringing bell that was cast in 1805 A.D.

After visiting Mingun, we will drive to Saggaing. Lunch at Saggaing.


  • Saggaing Hill – you can observe the pleasant panorama of the city and river.

Saggaing Hil

  • Next we will journey to the base of Saggaing and see a home for nuns and their life where we will seek permission from the chief nun to observe the daily work of these religious women.
  • Then we will be back to Mandalay by car crossing the AVA Bridge that was built over the Ayarwaddy River during the period of British Colonials.

AVA Bridge

  • Enjoy sunset at U Bein Bridge; a 159 year old teak wood bridge-the longest teak bridge in the world.

U Bein Bridge

U Bein Bridge relaxing even

U Bein Bridge-sunset

Overnight in Mandalay.

Day 9: Mandalay – Pyin Oo Lwin

We will take a 2 hours scenic drive to Pyin Oo Lwin – over 2000 feet above sea level-and because of its temperate climate you will see the variety of plants, fruits and vegetables grown in this region.

  • It was originally called May Myo (May-town), after Colonel May of the 5th Bengal Infantry. The town was founded in 1896, as a hill station where the colonial government could come to escape from the heat of lower and upper Burma. After the construction of the railroad from Mandalay, May Myo became the summer resort for the British colonial administration, to the end of British rule in 1948.
The name was changed after British departed to Pyin Oo Lwin means City of Flowers. Colonial buildings remain, the families of decendents of the Indian and Nepali workers who came here to lay the railway line and construct the road to Lashio still live in the peaceful town.
Flower vendors
Flower Market busy morning1
Sightseeing includes;
  • Pwe Kauk Water Falls called Hampshire Falls in British times. We will enjoy lunch at local Restaurant provides Southern Indian Style cuisine.
  • A visit to the market and see Shan style antique shops, sweater knitting, vegetables, and flowers of roses & dahlias. Purcell Tower-a 75 feet high clock tower built in 1936 that still chimes every 15 minutes.

Pyin Oo Lwin - Clock Tower

Pyin Oo Lwin - City Center 2

Pyin Oo Lwin - city tour

  • Taking a horse cart to Cadacraige House built in 1904, accommodating for the British Officers who worked for Bombay Burma Timber Company during their summer holiday, Catholic Church.

Catholic Church in Pyin Oo Lwin

Catholic Church in Pyin Oo Lwin 1

Catholic Church in Pyin Oo Lwin 2

Old House from British Colonial time

  • And proceed to Botanical Garden – was built under the direction of Colonel May utilizing Turkish prisoners of WWII.

Botanical Garden

Overnight in Pyin Oo Lwin.

Day 10: Pyin Oo Lwin – Goak Htake Bridge

Visit to Goak Htake Bridge by train. The Goke Htake Bridge is erected in 1901 by an American company know as the Pennsylvania and Maryland Bridge and Construction Company, completed in 1913. It is 2260 feet long and 320 feet high above a natural limestone rock with a huge cavern under it.

The Rock itself is 550 feet high above the stream that flows under the rock. It could be considered as an masterpiece of British and American engineer’s joint work. When we passed through the bridge, it will offer us amazing surprise of over 109 years old technical work.

Goke Hteik Bridge

Overlook view from Goke Htaik Bridge

The vehicle will wait for us at Nyaung Paing Station.

  • En route back to Pyin Oo Lwin by car, observe beekeepers working their trade roadside-and sample the raw pure honey here while stretching your legs.

Overnight in Pyin Oo Lwin.

Day 11: Pyin Oo Lwin – Mandalay/ Heho by morning flight – Kalaw

2 Hours drive to Mandalay airport, take a 30 minute flight to Heho.

  • After arrival, 2 hours scenic drive to Kalaw, 4300 ft (1440 meters) above the sea level, where was once a favorite hill station for British administrative officials and another summer resort for their family during hot season. A peaceful town surrounded by pine woods, home for Palaung, Pa-O, Taung-Yo, Dha Nu hill tribe of Shan ethnic.

Kalaw town

  • Visit a glorious Buddha Image made by thin bamboo strips lacquered built in over 500 years ago before lunch.

Over 500 year old Buddha Image made of bamboo

7 sister Thirigayhar Restaurant

Red Mountain Wine produced in Shan State

  • Kalaw market where we can find variety of beautiful flowers, indoor plants, milky avocado, fresh garlic, cauliflowers, cabbage, potatoes, taro, leek root, ginger, and tea leaves grown on the hill by terrace cultivation. Catholic Church.

Catholic Church

Catholic Church2

Church administrator

  • Kalaw Station

Kalaw station1

Kalaw Station - train timetable

Kalaw station 2

Kalaw station railways

Overnight in Kalaw.

Amata Mountain Resort Garden

Day 12: Kalaw – Inle Lake

In the morning, we will trek to a Palaung village – the roundtrip hike will take about 7 hours, passing thru unforgettable landscape and mountain-side gardens, where farmers cultivate a variety of vegetables.

  • These hills are harmonious, and the wide trail allows for easy trekking. We will pass villagers who are returning from Kalaw where they sell various food staples at the local market.
  • After visit the Palaung Village, we will hike about 1 hour to our lunch spot-a secluded Nepalese owned hill-top restaurant that affords the most stunning views.
  • We will arrive back to Kalaw by 3 PM. 2 hours drive to Nyaung Shwe; the biggest city at Inle Lake, 30 minutes boat takes to the best luxurious hotel at the Lake.

The beauty of Inle Princess Resort

Inle Princess Resort

Overnight in Inle Lake.

Day 13: Inle Lake

Inle Lake is 22×10 km, with an average depth of 6 meters. There are 64 villages and their inhabitants who reside on the lake in their homes that rest high above the water.

We will start our day.

Your boat journey begins

seats in boat

Typical fishing method

Fishing on the lake

  • Ywama village, floating gardens, a traditional weaving mill for Intha-textiles, silk weaving workshops; excellent work of shawls and robes with natural fibers produced from lotus flowers stems in natural color.
  • Nampan village we will observe how Burmese Cheroots are produced primarily by young ladies using traditional methods. We will also visit a work place of Shan paper that is made from mulberry bark and transformed into Shan umbrellas and other beautiful products.

Decorated boat for special festive occassion

Boat racing ceremony in October

The finest dinning Intha Heritage House

  • Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda and its 5 holy Buddha images. Nga Phe Chaung Monastery, back to your resort.

Lake view from terrace

enjoy drink and hospitality

Enjoyable dinning at Inle Princess Resort

Overnight in Inle Lake.

Day 14: Inle Lake – visiting to Indein Village

We will visit to Indein Village where over thousands of pagoda are clustered in the same complex, supposed built by one of the kings from the Bagan era.

  • Colorful five day market – you will see hill tribes trading their farm products of vegetables, fruits, sun dried tea leaves, art, works of wooden sculpture with their unique style in a bustling atmosphere.

Pao people work

  • While we take a boat an hour along the way to Indein village, enjoy the nature of bamboo forest and scenery.
  • We walk through the stairways originally made of wooden pillars 403, we will reach to the hill top.

Indein Pagoda complex

beautiful art remains at Indein Pagoda

Stairs ways at Indein Pagoda

  • On the way back to boat, we will walk down pass through the ruined temples and pagodas that will offer you walk on the dream.
  • We will take a boat and come back to Hotel.

back to your resort

Overnight in Inle Lake.

Day 15: Heho/ Thandwe by flight – Ngapali Beach
Transfer to Heho Airport to take flight to Thandwe. Upon arrival at Thandwe Airport, you will be welcomed and transferred to your resort at Ngapali Beach. Overnight at Ngapali Beach.
Amata Resort - Lobby & ReceptionOcean view from Amata Resortcabana cottage - Amata ResortAmara Ocean Resort - King Bed roomDinner time - Amata Resort

Day 16: Ngapali Beach

Leisure day. You might like to enjoy the ambiance of your resort by swimming or SPA treatment or walk along the beach, or take a boat journey to an island where you can explore snorkeling. Overnight in Ngapali Beach.
Breakfast time - Amara Ocean Resort

Breakfast - Amata Resort

Buffet Breakfast 2 - Amara Ocean Resort

Ocean view and pleasant walk from Amata Resort

boat journey to an island

Swimming pool - Amata Resort

Spa room - Amara Ocean Resort

Traditional Massage room - Amara Ocean Resort

Day 17: Ngapali Beach

Leisure day. You would love to walk to fisher man village in the morning, observe their daily life, or take a trishaw or riding bicycle.

Fishing boats come back from ocean

Morning business in fishing village

measuring fishes for trading

dried fish workplace

Children welcome back morning to their family from fishing

house at fishing village

Bicyling around village in Ngapali Beach

Enjoy your evening with your resort facilities. Overnight in Ngapali Beach.

Amara Ocean Resort - Swimming pool

Candle Light Dinner at Sand Bank - Amara Ocean Resort

Day 18: Thandwe/ Yangon by flight, connect to your international flight

Transfer to Thandwe Airport to take flight to Yangon. Upon arrival, visit Yangon if your time allows or connect to your international flight.