The Ancient City of Rakhine Tour Detail

Tour Name
The Ancient City of Rakhine
5 Nights/ 6 Days
Yangon, Sittwe – Mrauk U – Chin Village – Kyauk Taw – The Salagiri Hill – Vasali Old Town
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Special Consideration
The Mrauk U region has three seasons; summer, raining season and winter. There are no extremes of heat and cold round the year. The raining season is not suitable for visitors as annual rainfall ranges from 160 to 200 inches. We recommend to visit to Mrauk U during September to June. During this cool season, the weather in Mrauk U is pleasant and good to travel.
Day 1:   Yangon to Sittwe by a 90 min flight

Sittwe is the capital of Rakhine State. Rakhine means who preserves the nation and moral. Rakhine has a rich and long history since BC 3325. The history recorded that it had 4 dynasty of Rakhine Kings. It locates at the confluence of Kissapanadi River (Kaladan River ) and the Bay of Bangel.

Sittwe Airport

On 17th Century, King Alaung Pyaya organized the third Burmese country by uniting of ethnics except Rakhine. The Next king of Burmese named Bodaw Phaya conquered Rakhine in AD 1785. After the first Anglo-Burmese War, British occupied Rakhine State.

Sittwe was founded in 1826 by the English General Morrission, who moved his troops from Mrauk-U to the Kaladan River mouth to escape the inland humidity during the first Anglo-Burmese War.

The city locates above 15 feet of sea level, can be reached by air, by land and by water.

Upon arrival to Sittwe Airport, transfer to hotel. After lunch, explore in town center, Sittwe watch tower (AD 1887).

Sittwe Clock Tower

Sittwe day market scence

working women at Sittwe town market

Sittwe town market

shop attendant boy

Visit to Sittwe city center

We will visit to see

  •  U Ye Kyaw Thu Monastery,
  •  Mahakuthala Buddha Museum where we can observe the most extensive collection of Rakhine-style Buddha images. The museum houses a grand, century-old British colonial mansion, collections of arts, bronze, notes and antique old coins from the Mrauk U and other ancient periods.

U Ye Kyaw Thu Monastery

Next agenda to View Point & Sittwe Beach: The view point is a good spot in this sea-side town of Sittwe offers the panoramic view of sunset over the Bay of Bengal.

Overnight in Sittwe.

Day 2:   Sittwe to Mrauk U by a 5 hours boat trip – a 45 water miles

Before transfer to jetty, it is a nice stop at Sittwe fish market. The morning activities of the vendors, fisher men’s trading loading to the jetty just next to market, different kinds of vegetable of regional products which can be seen rather different from other parts of Myanmar, one of the most exciting spots if you enjoy observing in different facets.

Fishing Boats coming back from ocean

Busy hours

Sittwe morning market

Morning market scence

fresh vege at morning market

Sittwe market - vege vendor

Sittwe market - fish vendor

We take a wooden private chartered boat for about five-hours up the Kaladan river to Mrauk U. We will disembark at Jetty and check in at hotel. Relaxing afternoon. Overnight in Mrauk U.

Public transport boat

Sailing along kaladan river


Day 3:   Mrauk U

This ancient capital reached its peak during the 15th century under the Rakhing dynasty. It was a busy trading port and known as one of the richest cities in Asia, comparable to Amsterdam or London. Today it is a historical site with 700 temples built in unique styles as they resemble battle forts at first sight. The 48 Kings of Rakhine ruled in Mrauk U. Elephants, rice, teakwood, wax, cotton, silver and gold, ceramic ware were main products of trading in Mrauk U when Portuguese, Arabia, India, Srilanka, Spain and Dutch merchants came for trading.

  • Visit to Mrauk U lively market, Mrauk U’s most significant monument – Shitthaung Temple (Temple of 80,000 Buddhas), which contains a remarkable collection of Arakanese Buddha images and relief in its maze-like and fortress-like layout.

Shitthaung Temple Shrine exterior

Interior at Shitthaung Temple

Interior curved with sandstone at Shitthaung Temple

Cave enshrined 8000 Buddha Image in the niches at Shitthaung Temple

The Sandstone work at shitthaung Temple

The buddha image at niche in Shitthaung Temple

Depitch interior in Shitthaung Temple

Sandstone art in Shitthaung Temple

The stupa was built in AD 1535, commemorated to the unsuccessful Portuguese attack to the city. The duration of building the stupa took a year by one Thousand of masonry workmen. It enshrines 108 golden statute, 108 silver statute. The interior has many caves, rare statues, paintings. 11,043 stone cups were in the niche of 6 tieres of wall to set oil – lighting.

Next visit to Koe Thaung Temple (9000 stupas) which buit in AD 1553 by King Tikkha who is the son of the King who constructed Shittaung Temple.

Kothaung Temple exterior

Buddha Image enshined at the niche

The remains

Dukkanthein Pagoda (AD 1571)

  • The unique stone carvings in the multi-spire Andawthein Ordination Hall (built in AD 1521), vaulted passages with impressive stone sculptures in the huge fortress-like temple of Dukkhanthein (built in AD 1571), Pesi Paya at sunset.

Pesi Paya

Overnight in Mrauk U.

Day 4:   Mrauk U – Tattooed face of Chin Ladies home – Mrauk U

After breakfast, you will be transferred by car for a 30 min to the jetty to take a small boat ride along Laymro River.

River village on the way to chin hill tribe home

The secenery to Chin village

Fetching water typically

Girls play with nature at chin village

We will take a 2 hours boat and an easy climb up (a 5 minutes) to one of the 4 villages named Singirl, Kong Chaung, Cho New and Karate Chaung where are the home of Chin Tattooed face women. We will meet with Chin elderly ladies, observe the art of tattoo on their faces.

Friendly chin woman welcoming visitors

Chin woman

Tattoed face Chin Women

Chin house kitchen

This day will take us by 8 AM and back to the resort by 4 PM which is an interesting excursion to see insightful of Chin Tattooed face ladie’s daily life.

Overnight in Mrauk U.

Day 5:   Mrauk U – a half day trip to an old city of Dhanyawaddy where we can admire to The Mahamuni Shrine

A 2 hours drive for one way.

  • Today agenda, we recommend to observe the Mahamuni shrine which is one of the most renowned of all Buddhist sites not only in Rakhine State but also in the whole Burma. According to the research, Dhanyawaddy must have been the capital of Rakhine only up to 330 or 370 AD. Traditionally, the city name is meant to grain-blessed.

Mahamuni Shrine

The Mahamuni Shrine is situated 6 miles east of Kyauk Taw Village where is a 2 hours drive from Mrauk U . Traditionally believed that, the shrine was built to house the image of the Buddha cast during his sojourn on the Salagiri hill near Kyauktaw in 554 BC. It was believed that Mahamuni Image, the actual picture of Gotama Buddha, was cast by a heavenly sculptor.

Mahamuni Buddha Image in Kyawk Taw

The Salagiri Hill

Salagiri Hill is one of the most famous archaeological site in Rakhine. It is situated on the east bank of the Kaladan River 5 miles to the west of Mahamusni Shrine. It is about 250 feet high. This rocky range of Hills is known as the Salagiri (The Pali, Sala = rock, giri = hill, rocky hill) in the Rakhine history.

The local chronicles assert that during the reign of Sandasuriya, King of Dhanyawaddy, the Buddha visited Rakhine with His five Hundred disciples and rested on the summit of this hill.

Buddha & his 500 monks landed to Danyawadi

At this site the Buddha held a prophetic discourse on previous existences during which He dwelled in Rakhine. At present there is a standing Buddha image on the top of the hill pointing to his disciples towards the various places in which his former lives had been passed.

After the Buddha had departed from Dhanyawaddy, King Sandasuriya built a small pagod on the top of the hill. In 1624 A.D King Siridhamamraza repaired this pagoda.

The scenery from Saragiri Hill

Kissapanadi River (Kaladan River)

En route, we can drop into Vesali old town, visit nearby villages.

village view back from Vesali old town


Back to Mrauk U, we may enjoy dinning out and visit local home.

Local Restaurant in Mrauk U

Working woman in Mrauk U

Bamboo hut workplace

Women afternoon gethering

Mrauk U Children

Leisure evening at the resort.

Chalet at Mrauk Oo Princess Resort


Mrauk Oo Princess Living Room

Mrauk Oo Princess Bed Room

Overnight in Mrauk U.

Day 6:   Mrauk U – Sittwe/ Yangon by afternoon flight or flight to Thandwe to spend time at Ngapali Beach.

Today, you will be back to Sittwe by boat along the Kaladan River. Transfer to Sittwe Airport for your flight to Yangon.

If you love beach, a 40 min flight will take you to the Ngapali Beach. It is a un-spoiled beach located along the south Rakhaing coast, known as one of the most beautiful beaches in South-East Asia. The best time to visit Ngapali Beach is from October though April and opens to tourists the whole year round.