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Introducing About Us

Mingalar bar and greetings from Tamarind Travel of Myanmar (Burma)!
Tamarind Travel would like to extend our friendship globally, and are pleased to introduce our country’s culture, customs, and attractions with our newly acquainted clientele.

First I would like to say that Myanmar is full of natural resources, numerous temples and pagodas that are rich in historical, architectural and religious significance. Myanmar is home to breathtaking mountains, plains, rivers, lakes and seas, and more importantly to people who possess pleasant smiles, and unequalled hospitality.

We warmly present to you “Magnificent Myanmar” Tamarind’s signature tour. We at Tamarind are confident that this tour will be the most memorable. As our guest, you will experience the best that Myanmar has to offer without having to “worry” about the small details that we will tackle with aplomb-enabling you to enjoy our beautiful country and its sites, cuisine and culture, resulting in an unforgettable endeavor. And with over 15 years of experience I have yet to meet a visitor to this lovely land who was disappointed.

We believe in what Myanmar has to offer-with her natural and unexploited beauty. You can be assured that your accommodations, food, guides, and transportation have been carefully chosen based on our working knowledge, and experience. Tamarind’s tours are based on quality vice quantity; so that when you arrive at any of our stunning locales, you will have ample opportunity to soak up the ambience while unwinding after a busy day of exploring.

If you have any questions about us or our tours -please e-mail us at tamarindtrvl@myanmar.com.mm for insights, perspectives or other information and we will respond to your inquiries.

We look forward to welcoming you to “The Golden Land”.

Thank you again with my warmest regards,

Cho Cho Lwin
Managing Director/ Owner/ Tour Consultant
Tamarind Travel

Tamarind’s Core Values

1. Accommodating our guests is our first priority, resulting in returning friends & word of mouth (grassroots) marketing.

2. Being cognizant of current travel trends and adjusting accordingly.

3. Establish a niche for travelers visiting Myanmar.

4. Provide measured responses to our clients requests.

5. Cultivate and foster relationships with key staff from Myanmar’s finest service providers ensuring that our services are of superior quality.

6. Accompany guests upon arrival and departure.

7. Encourage feed back from clients and adjusting accordingly.