Third Trip to Burma 9 Nights 10 Days - February 2015

Dear Cho Cho,

We have just returned from our third trip to Burma. As always Tamarind Travel has helped us have another wonderful experience. This time we visited Yangon, Sitwe, Mrauk U and Ngapali Beach. Highlights of our trip were visits to villages in Mrauk U and Ngapali Beach where my wife and I were personally able to donate used eyeglasses to Burmese villagers. We are so glad you are now afiliated with the SeeBurma program. SeeBurma is a program that encourages travelers to Burma to bring new or used eyeglasses with them for donation to Burmese villages and clinics. Our guide in Mrauk U arranged visits to nearby villages and in Sittwe he arranged a visit to a clinic, where a donation of $35 pays for a cataract operation. In Ngapali Beach our hotel, Ngapali Bay Villas arranged visits to donate glasses to nearby villages and a clinic.

It was such a gratifying experience for us to be able to donate used eyeglasses directly to people who need and very much appreciate them.

Thanks again to you ChoCho and Tamarind travel for facilitating all this.


Jeff Buhai
Los Angeles, California