Visit Myanmar 10 Nights 11 Days - May 2015

Friday, 12 June, 2015

As we had been travelling independently for nine months already, we never used a travel agency before. But since we only had 11 days in Myanmar and we wanted to make the most of it, we decided to do so anyway.

We found Cho Cho and Tamarind Travel via another website and from the very first moment, we felt we had made a good decision. We were talking to someone who knew what she was doing and with a great love for her job and her wonderful country. This makes a huge difference in comparison with foreign travel agencies arranging everything in a country they don't really know.

It took us quite some time to decide what exactly we wanted to see and do and Cho Cho gave us a lot of options and proved to be extremely flexible and patient. She made a personalized itinerary for us and managed to include the four main tourist destinations and a trekking through some small villages, so we really had an excellent introduction to the country.

Another reason for that is that she provided us with four different, but fantastic guides, who were all very fluent in English and in explaining to us the difficult history of Myanmar and how it functions today. They were all knowledgable and sympathatic. Tamarind also found some fabulous hotels for us. Absolutely everything was arranged very well. This made us feel like kings, but in this way we were also able to see and do more than we would've ever been able to when we would've arranged it all ourselves.

In the end, we payed a very fair price for all this. When you add up the cost of all the flights, hotels, guides, mini vans, drivers, and so on, we don't think we would've managed it cheaper ourselves. And last but not least, Cho Cho was there herself to greet us when we arrived and personally put us on the plane back to Bangkok as well. Also, during our travels she regularly checked up on us to see if everything was according to wish. We have nothing but praise for Cho Cho and Tamarind Travel and would happily work with them again on our next trip to Myanmar, which is already on our minds!

On our (Dutch) blog, you can find a report and photos in three parts on our great journey:

Tom Weyn, Pieter Lantsoght & Nico Moolenaar
Brussels, Belgium