Corporate Social Responsibility

The Act of Giving/ Supporting.
The 2018 brings to us our Corporate social responsibility project. “Argha Humane Care” by Tamarind Travel to support our society in Myanmar. Argha Humane Care is a project that focuses on social projects of supporting to Home for aged and Orphanages.

The Meaning of Argha
Arghya in Sanskrit is valuable, Invaluable, Venerable, Deserving respectful offerings. Argha is the origin in Hindu, an Indian name for boys meaning Cost, Value, and Significance.

The founder of Tamarind Travel spiritually adores the name and dedicates to helping people as much as affords. Your booking through Tamarind Travel will be partly beneficial to needed people of Old Folks and Orphans.

The name Argha stands for;
A – Artistic, adding beauty to the world
R – Rewards, from your hard work
G – Giggle, a laugh never hurts
H – Hero, as you appear to many
A – Angelic, a truly pure heart

We are pleased to introduce our clients with Tamarind’s dedication for Corporate Social Responsibly activities.

We have several Home for Aged and Orphanages some of major cities and towns. It is an honor to contribute our little effort to The Kho Hlone Yar – The Home for Aged.

It means shelter for the old folks who have no one take cares of.

Kho Hlone Yar – Home for aged and Orphanages

Kho Hlone Yar – Oxygen Charity Center

Kho Hlone Yar – Currently New Construction