Kho Hlone Yar – Home for aged and Orphanages

The founder of the organization is Ms. Thinn Shwe Sin Hlaing. The lady got Master of English Literature from University of Yangon.

The member of Kho Hlone Yar Humanitarian Group is Mr. Nyan Phyo Win. Mr. Win graduated with Marine Engineering Major.

The both persons inspired in the welfare of others caring old folks who have no place to live, ill, no food. The both are young still not even 25 – 30 years old. They commit their extreme efforts, time and energy with fully attention. They sacrificed their personal life and comfort so far and focus to help the needed old people.

Now it has been operating almost 3 years. It locates on Hinthada town, Ayarwaddy Division, a 3 hours drive from Yangon.

Koe Hlone Yar is non-government nor non-semi-government organization. It is honorable efforts of the founder and the member’s amazing heart, supported by local communities around the countries.

Kho Hlone Yar started hiring wooden small house at suburb in Hinthada to accommodate 30 old folks at very beginning. In 2016. A donor from Hinthada subsidize a land of current place. The buildings are come up within a year. The founder and working team members are truly honest people, hard working to improve their care for the old folks.

Recent months, they also take care of illed monks who has no-one to have assist their living. A small separated house for sick old monks is being constructed.

There is over 70 peoples of

  • Elderly Men
  • Elderly Women
  • Elderly sick monks
  • Orphans

The Kho Hlone Yar operates by the supports of local people, Myanmar citizens those who are residing at abroads. For longer term, if any well wisher or our valued client, it will be welcomed and grateful, Tamarind Travel cab be your assistance in such noble efforts and gesture to make the lights for the said above Nobel causes.

The Founder of Kho Hlone Yar


The member of Kho Hlone Yar Humanitarian Group


3 Years ago Kho Hlona Yar old place


Kho Hlona Yar old place women room


The land before construction of current Kho Hlone Yar


Kho Hlone Yar currently improvement


Building newly constructing to accommodate sick, old monks


Currently under construction


The donation arrangement for the old folks to have oppotunity of buddhist ritual


The arrival of old women


Room of old men


Meals time


Cooking time


The very first donation to Kho Hlone Yar by the Tamarind’s loyal client who resides in Yangon

Community donation event at Kho Hlone Yar