Kho Hlone Yar – Oxygen Charity Center

The Kho Hlone Yar Humanitarian group successfully made an another step of helping sick people who cannot effort for health care.

The villages are an hour drive far away from Hinthada, the city of Ayarwaddy Division. To get urgent Oxygen, they have to hire bike/bicycle carry charge and Oxygen is sold.

During the driving hours back to villages carrying oxygen, something can happen anytime to patience.

Kho Hlone Yar Humanitarian group has been trying to open a charity Oxygen Charity Center on the half way from Hinthada to the far villages. The Charity Center started open on 12 November 2018 at Ta Loke Htaw town near Hinthada.

The Center invite donors for Oxygen which are not enough to contribute to the needy people in the villages.


The very first donation to Kho Hlone Yar -Oxygen Charity Center by the Tamarind’s honorable client who resides in Yangon.