Summary of our tours

Magnificent Myanmar

Tamarind’s Signature Tour. We at Tamarind are confident that Magnificent Myanmar will rank as one of your most unforgettable. We have handpicked our most serene and historically rich locales for sight seeing pleasure.

From the quiet, sandy beaches of Ngapali, where the sway of the palms and ocean breeze will lull you into another realm; to the ancient temples of Bagan, where the sunrises and sunsets literally hush the magical landscape.

You will rest well knowing that the next day’s itinerary will afford you enchanting destinations-such as a viewing the awe inspiring city of Mandalay, atop Mandalay Hill, as the Irrawaddy River carves its beauty into the landscape-a literal lifeline for Burmese-providing not only trade routes, but fish or nga, a staple in our country.

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Historical Burma

Our Historical Burma tour takes us to Mandalay-the last capital of the Myanmar King Thibaw. Mandalay is renowned for its skillful artisans that produce beautiful tapestries, silk and cotton weaving, hand carved silver, gold-leaf producers, and marionettes.

As the sunsets across Mandalay we will observe from Mandalay Hill the Ayarwaddy River as she carves her niche through the beautiful landscape-providing transportation and commercial routes for water vessels, as well as supplying fish, or nga, a staple for the Burmese.

Tamarind has chosen Bagan as part of our Historical Burma program because of its historical, religious and architectural significance. The awe inspiring ancient temples that dot the Bagan skyline make this magical wonderland one of the most photogenic landscapes in Asia. Additionally Bagan is renowned for its lacquerware-each lacquerware piece is handmade with thin bamboo strips that are painstakingly melded together. A lacquerware piece from Bagan can take months to produce, and would certainly add to the décor of any home. In Bagan you will observe the process of making lacquerware by traditional methods that have been unchanged for decades.

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Best of Burma

The Best of Burma-or the “Tamarind Trio” as we like to call this tour, takes us to three of the most cultural and beautiful destinations in Burma. In the totality of this tour, we are certain that these destinations are the most enriching that Tamarind has to offer. These destinations include Bagan, Inle Lake, and Mandalay.

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Scenic Beauty of Burma

This program is designed for visitors who like to enjoy the 11th to 13th century architectural & religious heritage of Burma, Panorama view with temperate weather, scenic natural lake surrounded by mountains and her hill tribe’s lifestyle.

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Colorful Myanmar

The program includes with the destinations of Yangon, Bagan, Madalay, Inle Lake and its surrounding.

We will see Yangon one day before visiting to Bangan and Mt. Popa. In Bagan, we will have time enough to observe 11th to 13th century monuments. Bagan is the most richest archeological site in South east Asia. The next day, our visit to the villages around Bagan, speak with locals and observation of tropical people’s daily life.

After that we will fly to Mandalay, visit Amarapura and a half day boat excursion to Mingun. The next day, we will proceed to Pyin Oo Lwin where is a beautiful hill station with charming weather built by British Administration Office Colonel May. We will take a train to observe the Goke Htaik Bridge which was constructed by American and British engineers with technical value.

Next, we will fly to Heho via Mandalay. Heho is the gate way to the Southern Shan State. After arrival at Heho Airport, take a scenic drive to Kalaw where is home for Palaung Hill Tribe, seein their living way, hill tribe culture, beautiful landscape, colorful vegetation which is amazing scenery. 2 Nights stay in Kalaw is very relaxing in the lovely small town.

The next destination is Inle Lake where is one of the most attractive places of Southern Shan State. We can admire the living style of Inthar people, how they survive for their daily life, 5 days market on the lake which is one of the high lights of visiting on the lake.

Finally, you will spend your holiday in Ngapali Beach which lies on the coast of Bay of Bangle. The most relaxing part of your holiday.

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Hiking & Lake

Do not let the term “Hiking” dissuade you. Our hikes are not technical; and require moderate endurance. And for the spouse, friend or significant other who is not up to the hiking, the hikes are optional. This tour program is rewarding and includes our most famous destinations.

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Trekking to the Hill Tribes in Kyaing Tong

This program will offer you trekking opportunity, to have an accquaintance with hill tribes people who live in remote places in Kyaing Tong area. You will meet with Shan, Palaung, Enn, Akha, Lahu, Akhu hill tribes, learning their custom & believe, ways of life, enjoy a breathtaking Scenery of Mountains.

You can combine this program to your visit to Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake, Ngapali Beach.

The best time to travel and trek is from November through June.

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