bulletTrekking to the Hill Tribes in Kyaing Tong Tour Detail

Tour Name : Trekking to the Hill Tribes in Kyaing Tong
Program : 4 Nights/ 5 Days
Destinations : Kyaing Tong
Tamarind Code : 09

Day 1: Yangon/ Kyaing Tong by flight

You will be welcomed by Tamarind tour guide at Kyaing Tong Airport, transfer to hotel.

  • Kyaing Tong locates in Eastern Shan State, has a 2580 feet elevation, 12,300 sq meter wide. Shan, Akha, Akhu, Lahu (Lahu Na, Lahu Shi), Palaung, Enn and Lisaw (Li Shaw) live in Kyaing Tong area.

  • After breakfast, we will transfer you to Yangon Airport to take flight to Kyaing Tone. Our tour guide will welcome you at Kyaing Tong Airport, transfer to hotel. Explore the town seeing Naung Tong Lake, enjoy leisure evening and we will have an opportunity to enjoy nice and spice Thai food at open air restaurant.
    Overnight in Kyaing Tong.

Day 2: Kyaing Tong – trekking to Akha Tribes Home (Hokyin area)

  • After breakfast, we will visit to Kyaing Tong market to see local products, food, trading in this area.
  • A 50 minutes drive and trek about 45 minutes to arrive “Ho Kyin” villages, typical Akha tribe 4 villages. At Nann Baw Kywai village, observe how to make Akha Rice Alcohol. Next visit to Akha home to see Akha home cooking, speak with Akha children and explore the village seeing ways of their living. A 30 min walk to visiting one village to another.

  • Afternoon visit to Shan traditional Lacquerware work place which is home production by a Shan couple.
    Overnight in Kyaing Tone.

Day 3: Kyaing Tong – trekking to Enn & Akah Hill tribes (Ping Tauk area)

  • Breakfast at hotel, we will start our day by 0830 AM. We may have time to go Kyaing Tong Market and prepare lunch “ to go” sticky steamed rice or fruits. After 30 min drive through the Shan villages of Lai Kaik, Kut Taung, we stopped driving and start trekking.

  • The first 30 min is walking through paddy fields. The slopes become higher and higher to test your stamina. It supposes the elevation of 6,000 feet. After an hour trek & hike, we arrive to Pung Loy village – the home of Enn Hill tribes. Some are Baptist and some are still animists. The Enn are an ethnic group who has significant of their “Black Teeth” and wear distinctively in black different from other tribes. Men, women, girls & boys look happy and healthy. The cloth to make their costume are dyed with natural color from plants and done by their own. Women and girls have good skills in hand weaving and accessory made by cloth. We can spend time leisurely and having acquaintance with the Enn family.

  • Next agenda to the village of Noung Shan, home of Akha tribe. The 45 min walk can be done slowly. The village Akha people are Baptist. After we pass by St. Benedict’s Chapel, we will reach to home of Akha tribe. The down walk is pleasant and we can stop another Akaha village Wan

Pin (called also Pun Pin).

  • About 3PM, we will drive back to town. Enjoy leisure evening.
    Overnight in Kyaing Tone.

Day 4: Kyaing Tong – Trekking to Lahu-Shi tribe’s home (3 hours trek & hike for one way)

  • The Lahu is a Lolo race which had migrated south along the Mekong Valley just at the Lisu moved by way of the Salween River. The Lahu have pressed into Keng Tung and trans-Salween Mong Pan. According to Mr. F. S Grose, the Lahu are divided into two main divisions – Lahu Na (Black Lahu), and Lahu His (Yellow Lahu). Lahu live for the most part on the hill, they are great hunters. Other meaning said, Lahu Shi is Yellow tiger and Lahu Na is black tiger.
  • After breakfast around 0830 AM, we drive from town for 20 minutes. We walk through paddy fields and start trekking.

  • We can see from distance many paddy fields grown in slops and steps which is very unique scenery. Today trek and hike is absolute exotic, but you may experience a perfect peace and beauty. After 90 min trek, we can see in distance to Whea Pun village where is home of Lahu-na.

  • One more hour successful trek, we will see in distance to the village of Lahu-shi ( Bar Kha village). This spot offer us a good photo opportunity. We cannot see yet the top part of the Lahu-shi village. We hike 30 minutes more, finally reach to the top part of the homes of Lahu-shi tribe (Kwan Pat village). The Lahu-shi are Buddhist, work mainly farming for their living. They grow rice, corn, beans, onion, garlic on the slope paddy and garden vegetable like chili, green vegetables. They built their home on slope keep neat and clean.
  • You will be welcomed by the chief of the village – Mr. Ar Yie is very friendly personnel. The village has no school, no written character, no calendar Vs. children boys & girls, adult men & women, elderly persons appear very good personality. My American friend who enjoyed pretty much to have done this trekking trip comment the Lahu-shi tribe looks very similar to American native Indians.

  • We may spend time at the village. Their costume white and turquoise blue can be considered as a classic beautify of attire.
  • We will say Good Bye to Lahu-shi and down walk for 90 min, reach to Whea Pun village of Lahu-na.
  • Lahu-na people do not wear their costume daily except New Year day. We may come across many happy children and you might not like to end of your trekking day but like to spend your time playing naturally with them.
  • After 30 min walk, we get back to our vehicle and drive to hotel. Enjoy leisure evening or dinning out at your own exploration.

Overnight in Kyaing Tone.

Day 5: Kyaing Tone to Yangon or Mandalay or Inle Lake by afternoon flight

  • After breakfast, we will have time to explore around town. A 40 minutes drive takes us to Wan Sai Village, home of Akhu tribe. Observation to Akhu old ladies wearing black plain cloth in head, smoke bamboo pipe while doing their house work is unique attraction and satisfy our trekking trip with unforgettable memory.

We will have lunch and transfer to Kyaing Tong Airport to take flight to Yangon or heading to another beautiful trip.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!